Westminster Bridge

An old man carries his possessions in a Tesco bag and waits to cross the road.

There’s a delightful contrast between his vulnerability and the power of the Palace of Westminster and darkly silhouetted Houses of Parliament. Being in silhouette we recognize their shape and what they represent.

The sky is deliberately different. Purple and grey clouds above a hint of London odour.

The two double decker buses side by side give us the speed of the city. One is a sightseeing bus full of tourists, the other packed with commuters heading for Waterloo. Portcullis House on the right is where MPs have their offices and they cross into the House of Commons by an underground passage. The contrast in the sombre moody power of the Parliament highlighted by the speed of the traffic and the stillness of the elderly pedestrian waiting for his moment to cross the road couldn’t be starker.

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