Railway Children

Railway Children – Daddy! My Daddy!


The climax of the movie is the arrival of the children’s father. Everyone knows he’s coming except the children and the viewer.

Through the mist and dramatic music he is revealed. To many young viewers this is actually quite a difficult moment in the film, because of the unknown.

Roberta recognises him and cries out “Daddy! My Daddy!” and rushes towards him for the big embrace. Meanwhile the audience all go “Ah!” and wipe away a tear!

When it came to painting this I was hampered by the dullness of the day on which it was filmed. There’s swirling steam and smoke and a dull grey haze. It made the figure too ominous, so I added a brighter green hillside and vibrant colourful hanging blooms and flowerbeds and gave the man outstretched arms to welcome his daughter. At first I had his arms raised upwards, but of course you welcome a child with lowered arms! And then to emphasis the reunion I added the back of Roberta’s head and cloak.

It’s the climax of the story and a delightful ending to their tale!

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