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Health n Selfie!

Take a look What can you see?

Figures taking a selfie, someone photobombing,  TV cameras and mics, mobiles, selfie sticks, hard hats, hi viz jackets, cctv, camera drone, banners, stewards and cops supervising.

What would you do if you came across this? You’d stop and have a look and ask – something’s going on.

There’s someone on the telly. Is it a demo? is it someone famous? 

Then you’ll take a photo on your phone, share it on facebook, twitter, instagram

Our love of celebrity is universal.

Now have another look. weight loss. Have you seen everything?

You may have to look pretty hard to see a figure struggling with a lump of timber attached to his arm.

Why the hard hats and hi viz jackets?  cos of health and safety of course!! We may be stringing someone up but we don’t want any member of the public injured. The policemen are too busy watching the crowds to see what’s happening in front of them.

The only person not getting a photo is the figure who’s face to face with Christ.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see what’s right in front of your face…

Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

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