Heading Home

Along the Camino de Santiago one comes across many scenes that stir the imagination.

I saw this farmer leading his herd home over the mountains. Except of course, the cows know the way and are leading him.

In the midst of my unfamiliarity with this scene is the herdsman and his cows, totally at home along this road.

This is a painting that reflects our love of home. Wherever we are in the World, for someone it’s home, and it’s right for us to respect that.

I stopped my bike and sketched this scene, noting the herdsman’s colourful cap and the poppies in the verge. I saw the late afternoon sun light up the distant mountains and I imagined him heading home to family and the cows heading home for their shed.

This piece is available to buy exclusively from here in a small Limited Edition signed and numbererd Giclee print range of just 50.

It’s available as a mounted print on paper with or without the frame and can be delivered to your home.

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